Himig Handog - Philippines' Biggest Writing Competition!

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    Himig Handog is a multimedia video and music video competition in the Philippines based in Quezon City. The organization is operated by ABS-CBN Corporation and Star Music, the music subsidiary of ABS-CBN. The contest ran from 2000 to w88 and was later revived in 2013. The theme of the contest has been love songs since m88 2002.

    This year's biggest multimedia songwriting competition, Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs, has just concluded.

    Held through ABS-CBN musical variety show ASAP, the winners were announced right after all the live performances. Each was judged by personalities from different ends of the entertainment industry, including online w88 promotion musicians Ogas Alcasid, Dingdong Avanzado, Moophs, KZ Tandingan, and Ebe Dancel.

    Đây là danh sách các winners:

    -Special Awards-

    • MYX Choice for Best Music Video: "Tayo Na Lang Kasi" by Kyla & Jason Dy, created by MINT College

    • MOR Listeners' Choice: "Tayo Na Lang Kasi" by Kyla & Jason Dy, composed by Soc Villanueva

    • Star Music Listeners' Choice: "The Labo Song" by Kaye Cal, composed by Karl Gaurano and Teodoro Katigbak

    • TFC Choice for Favorite Song: "Wow Na Feelings" by Janella Salvador, composed by Karlo Zabala

    • OneMusicPH Choice for Favorite Interpreter: Kyla and Jason Dy for "Tayo Na Lang Kasi"

    -Major Awards-

    • 5th Best Song: "Tanghaling Tapat" by Unit 406, composed by Gabriel Tagadtad

    • 4th Best Song: "Wow Na Feelings" by Janella Salvador, composed by Karlo Zabala

    • 3rd Best Song: "Extensyon" by Inigo Pascual featuring Aikee, composed by Aikee

    • 2nd Best Song: "Sampu" by Jona, composed by Raizo Chabeldin and Biv de Vera

    • BEST SONG: "Titibo-tibo" by Moira dela Torre, composed by Libertine Amistoso
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