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    SEM refers to paid search marketing, while SEO is unpaid traffic (businesses earn their rank in search results based on having the most relevant content for a given keyword).

    While SEO is a powerful way to drive w88 live top-of-the-funnel traffic, the rules and algorithms are constantly shifting and there are no set guidelines for marketers to follow. SEO takes a lot of time and effort to earn a ranking on one of the search terms you're working towards. It takes a large volume of relevant content frequently, generating backlinks to those pages, and more. Though it takes hard work, it pays off in the long run to have a solid SEO and SEM strategy.

    SEM, on the other hand is paid placements. It's a straightforward way to get in front of potential customers in a cost-effective way. Nếu bạn muốn một từ khoá, có một tham gia ad, và một người dùng trang nhập mà tương ứng với bạn bạn sẽ được tạo thành công ngay gần ngay. That's not to say, it's easy. You need to know the ins and outs of the advertising platform you are using and have patience.

    It takes time to optimize your ads and landing pages and start seeing the kind of results that your business m88 business' bottom line.

    Sources: Register M88 | instapage.com
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    2 lĩnh vực này có một số giống nhau, tuy nhiên cách làm SEM sẽ phức tạp hơn cách làm SEO website nhiều
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    Bạn có thể giải thích rõ ra thêm cách học SEO thế nào hiệu quả liên quan đến 2 thủ thuật trên không ạ
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