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    Smarthome Smart House in Vietnam is still quite limited and not yet universal to users but only some technology enthusiasts study, play and install for their homes. However, not everyone is knowledgeable about technology or smarthome market, so it is very difficult for beginners to play. And most (I think) smarthome players are not quite economical to be able to buy technology equipment without thinking, even with a lot of students. So today I will list some basic mistakes that beginners often encounter. Hope you read this article can understand and avoid.

    Google Home is a smart home control software made, you can understand it as an operating system, but instead of developers writing software that runs on that operating system, manufacturers Smart home appliances will refer and design to produce compatible products that can be controlled (communicated) by (with) Google Home. In fact, individual device manufacturers often have their own server and app to control their device but use Google Home much better. You can buy equipment from many different manufacturers and manage the same app (Google Home).


    Similar to Google Home is Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit, you can completely understand the above. I mentioned Google Home because I found it popular, easy to use and have the most future. Xiaomi's Mi Home is currently easy to use but the future is not known.

    2. Virtual Assistant

    True, literally translate it as a virtual assistant. It is the bridge between you and Smarthome. The most typical of these is Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

    3. Smarthome hardware

    Most of the products are still portable because I see only the new Xiaomi stores in Vietnam but actually not distributing smarthome devices much.

    Basic mistakes when starting the Smarthome smart home

    Xiaomi's device is also quite diversified and rich, traded by many merchants in Vietnam partly because of its cheap, beautiful and partly because it is close to us so that you can approach one easy way.

    Google mainly goes towards producing reference equipment for other companies to produce and operate on the Google Home ecosystem (Google Connect). Amazon also goes this way.

    4. Not all SmartHome devices can connect to Google Home


    To avoid buying, but not using it because of incompatibility, you should consult the store, friends, or brothers on the forum and only buy when making sure it is compatible with Google Home. Same manufacturer, this device is compatible but the other device is not, that is normal.

    5. Learn code to install smarthome

    Completely wrong. You can install the smarthome device without knowing any code. Of course, some cases and equipment require installation by code. Then, if you do not know, do not buy that device, but switch to another alternative to avoid losing time.

    Basic mistakes when starting the Smarthome smart home
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