Tuyển Supplier Quality Controler – Code: SQC-JL

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    Supplier Quality Controler – Code: SQC-JL

    * Working location: My Dinh, Ha Noi with frequent business trips in to check suppliers in Hai Phong, Hung Yen, ...

    * Salary: Competitive & Negotiable

    * Experience: at least 3 years in the same position

    * Job description:

    • Organizing channels to collect information and update information from suppliers in neighboring provinces of Hanoi: Hai Phong, Hung Yen, ..

    • Select supplier evaluation

    • Develop and update supplier assessment standards

    • Quality assessment of suppliers: internal, external

    * Requirement:

    • Male from 29-32 years old, University graduated, specializing in Industrial Management, Economics, Foreign Trade, Commercial are preferable

    • At least 3 years of experience in importing goods/ Supplier assessment of items

    • Fluency in office computers and other related software.

    • Fluent English communication

    * Benefits:

    • Salary agreement + benefits according to company regulations

    • Social insurance after the probationary

    • All travel expenses are covered and compensated

    How to apply:

    · Interested candidates send CV to e-mail rec3.gpo@gmail.com with e-mail Subject: Name - Year of Birth - Location (for example: Nguyen Hong Phuong-1990–SQC-JL)

    · Phone: 02471096868. Quick support: Zalo-0986306517

    · Details https://gpo.vn/supplier-manager-code-jl-supm/

    · Deadline for submissions: the sooner you submit the better the opportunity you get
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